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Year:       2012

Project:   412 Broadway

Location: Seattle, WA

Size:       $250,000

Foreman: Brian Shivvers

This is a small apartment project that is funded by the Carpenters Union. We installed a Tyvek air barrier system along with Blueskin SAF. Our carpenters installed CFB lap siding and our sheet metal craftsman installed the associated flashing and trim.


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Project:    The Marselle

Location:  Seattle, WA 

Size:        $1,500,000

Foreman:  Jeradiah Bauer


This building is the second version of the Matae.  We installed 210 squares of the Centria CS620 panel in Pewter (a horizontal rib, concealed fastener panel), 100 squares of the Centria IW10A panel in Dove Gray (a vertical, concealed fastener, flush panel) and 80 squares of the Centria IW10A panel in Maroon.  We also installed all of the Innotech windows and doors, the Tyvek weather barrier system and the custom break shapes at the storefront entry.


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Project:    Ballard Landmark Assisted Living

Location:  Ballard, WA 

Size:        $1,500,000

Foreman:  Matt Davis


On this project, we have combined the skills of both our carpenters and sheet metal craftsmen.  Together they installed all of the window flashings and wall barrier by VaproShield.  Are carpenters installed the windows, sliders, seismic joints and cornice bracing.  They also installed 8 1/2 squares of clear plywood with custom trim, 140 squares of 4' x 10' Hardi Panel, 40 squares of 12" exposure Hardi lap siding and 60 squares of Hardi soffit.  Our sheet metal workers installed all of the integral metal Hardi assembly flashings, coping, belly bands, metal cornice, custom vents, decorative false columns and 64 squares of custom metal panels.  The other area that we are very proud of is the Historical Ballard Restoration.  MD Sheet Metal has crafted dentils, arched copings and ornamental shapes to recreate the facade of the original building built in the early 1900's. 


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Projects:    The Matae

Location:    Seattle, WA

Size:          $625,000

Foreman:    Jerediah Bauer 


This is a very high-end mixed use building in Downtown Seattle.  The First Floor is retail and Floors 2-6 are condominiums.  We used Centria's CS620 for the body of the building and CS660 for the top floor accent band.  We installed welded corners to create a continuous panel profile, designed custom Snap-Lock vent hoods integrated in the panels and hidden vent openings integrated in the fascia.  Limited space would not allow for a conventional flush panel so we had MD Sheet Metal create and fabricate a low-profile flush panel for all of the soffits and Burgundy accent walls.  


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Project:    One Main Street Condos

Location:  Bellevue, WA 

Size:        $400,000

Foreman:  Brian Splawinski


This is an 11 story condominium in Bellevue where we installed several different types of panel depending on their visibility.  On the roof, we installed an AEP Span flush panel that could be painted to match the concrete.  On the back side of the screen wall we installed an exposed fastener panel produced by Champion Metals.  On the front side of the screen wall and the cornice, MD Sheet Metal produced an insulated aluminum clad panel.  The decks on the back side of the building have Centria CS620 panels and Centria CS660 concealed-fastener panels.  On the three elevations visible from Main Street, we installed Pro Clad's aluminum panel system.


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Projects:    Sammamish Children's School

Location:    Sammamish, WA

Size:          $250,000

Foreman:    Matt Davis 


The roof on the main building and the two covered play areas are AEP Span Klip Rib panels.  The Terra Cotta and Silver Metallic panels are AEP Span Mini-V Beam.  This is the first project we were asked to install CFB panels on.  We declined on this project but this is what promoted the idea to expand our company to include more than just sheet metal cladding.


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Projects:    Eastside Baha'i Church

Location:   Bellevue, WA

Size:         $105,000

Foreman:   Matt Davis 


This was a very unique project that had very restricted access.  We persuaded the neighboring building to allow us to put a crane in their parking lot after hours in exchange for a gift basket.  The roof panels are Fabral's Stand and Seam.  This is a mechanically seamed panel designed for low-slope and radius roofs. 


Project:    Trilogy Retail Center

Location:  Redmond, WA 

Size:        $80,000

Foreman:  Gary Rocker


This is a small project that is made up of metal roof canopies using AEP Span Design Span panels,  exterior plywood and cedar battens.  We also installed some custom flat panels on the back side of the parapet walls, miscellaneous sheet metal parts and welded steel downspouts. 



Projects:    Waterfront Residence

Location:    Bellevue, WA

Size:          $60,000

Foreman:    Brian Shivvers


On this custom home, we installed AEP Span Klip Rib Panels.  We also made several different custom flashings for above the indoor pool, on top of the exposed beams and a water trough for the single-ply roof system.  There is only a small portion of this 7500 sq ft roof visible in this photo.  The Klip Rib panels installed vertically on the mansard are part of an existing 5 car garage.


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Projects:    Residence at Evergreen

Location:    Ketchum, ID (Sun Valley)

Size:          $50,000

Foreman:    Jerediah Bauer


On these condominiumns, we installed all of the building wrap, penetration peel and stick, windows, doors, sliders and metal flashings.  We also installed the clear, cedar soffits.



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Projects:  Space Needle

Location:  Seattle, WA

Size:        $50,000

Foreman:  Nick Poe


We have several small projects that are ongoing with the Space Needle.  We installed fiberglass panels with bonded aluminum around the interior wall of the interior observation deck.  These panels were provided by Forms and Surfaces.  In the spring, we will be installing stainless steel panels, also provided by Forms and Surfaces, around the interior wall of the exterior observation deck.  We have also done other miscellaneous projects like installing stainless steel corner guards in their kitchen.