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MD Exteriors has a fabrication shop located in Everett, Wa just minutes off the Boeing Freeway. Using a state of the art 10' Autobrake, we can fabricate just about any piece of flashing needed for your building. We also have a CNC machine by PlasmaCam for cutting out custom parts and pieces through the use of a CAD program.

Some of our other pieces of equipment are a Norlock machine which allows us to fasten two pieces of metal together with a button punch, a Snap Lock machine which continuously interlocks two pieces of metal as well as a Western Arctronics spot welder for joining bare metals.

Our fabricators are also skilled in:

-Scuppers, diverters, crickets, conductor boxes and saddles for roofers
-Soldered pans, break shapes and mullion caps for glaziers
-Through wall flashing for masons
-Watertight boxes and miscellaneous flashings for siders and carpenters

For more information on our services, please contact Nick at 425.265.1500.