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Welcome to MD Exteriors' website.  

MD Exteriors is a union shop that came into existence due to the expansion and success of MD Sheet Metal.  Since 2002, MD Sheet Metal was getting known in the construction industry as a subcontractor that specializes in the installation of sheet metal products and goods.  In 2006, we expanded our services by opening a fabrication shop and we became signatory to the carpenter's union.  After adding carpenters to our work force, we didn't feel that the name MD Sheet Metal Inc. represented all of the services that we offer.  So, in January of 2007, our new company MD Exteriors, Inc. was formed.  As another addition to our services, in 2011, we became certified to install single-ply roofing and joined the roofers union. A large majority of our business comes from schools and public works projects but we also enjoy doing private projects, custom homes and high-end condominiums. We are signatory to Local 66 Sheet Metal Workers, Pacific Northwest Council of Carpenters and the Roofers union.




On January 1, 2002, MD Sheet Metal, Inc. was formed by me, Matt Davis.  After several years of being a building trades journeyman through Local 66 Sheet Metal Workers Union, I decided that it was time to venture out on my own.  From January until June 2002, I was MD Sheet Metal's only employee.  I did all of the accounting, bidding, submittals, installation and project management.  After being awarded several small flashing projects, it became necessary for me to hire some help.  In June of 2002, MD Sheet Metal signed a contract with Local 66 Sheet Metal Workers Union and I hired our second employee.  By the end of the year, the largest project we had completed was slightly above $35,000 and the company did $192,000 in sales. 

Over the following years, MD Sheet Metal expanded very rapidly.  Most of the general contractors that we had done work with were requesting us to bid more of their projects.  They appreciated the integrity, communication and quality of work that we provided.  They also respected the fact that I could be found more on the job site than in the office.  This showed them that commitment to a successful project came from the top down. 

  In February 2005, my wife, Michelle Davis, left her successful sales career to join MD Sheet Metal as Controller and Vice President.  She was excited about

  the opportunity to work with me and share in my vision for the company.  After a transition of only six months, Michelle was handling all of the Administrative

  Operations so that I could continue to expand our Field Operations. 

  In November 2005, we invested most of our profits into opening a fabrication shop.  We saw this as another opportunity to better serve our customers and

  have complete control of how fast material could be supplied to our installers.  This would also allow us to keep better schedules with our contractors and

  take one more link out of the chain. 

  During the course of 2006, MD Sheet Metal had several notable accomplishments.  We did over $3.5 million in sales, completed our first $1,000,000

  project, became signatory to the Pacific Northwest Regional Carpenter's Union, promoted Nick Poe to our Production Manager, employed and/or promoted

  three, well-qualified foreman to run our different projects, and purchased a custom 7" gutter machine to produce a large commercial gutter.

  MD Exteriors was formed, as a separate company, which is now responsible for installing products by our carpenters, roofers and sheet metal tradesmen. 


MD Exteriors specializes in installing many different exterior products.  Our sheet metal tradesmen are qualified to install a large variety of metal roofing panels over wood decks, metal decks and rigid insulation.  They have also been trained to install a number of different metal wall panels systems, metal cladding systems and metal soffit panels.  These systems consist of concealed fastener panels, exposed fastener panels, flush panels and composite panels.  Also, we install sheet metal flashing and trim, downspouts (sheet metal, welded steel and PVC), commercial gutters, scuppers, conductor boxes and other miscellaneous items that are all fabricated by our shop. 

Since adding carpenters to our work force, we have been able to expand into many other products that are associated with the exterior envelope.  We now install building wrap, hat channel and z-furring, cement fiber board, composite panels, louvers, nail flange windows, seismic joints and a variety of other rough carpentry items. 

With our addition of single-ply roofing in 2011, we are one step closer to providing complete exterior packages for our customers.

Our long-term goal is to try to provide as many exterior services as possible through one single bid package.  If we are able to consolidate the work of several different subcontractors under one umbrella, this will help general contractors to spend more time managing the project instead of managing their employees.  Thank you for taking an interest in MD Exteriors and MD Sheet Metal.  We encourage you to visit our "Projects" pages to see some of our work.